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Invisible surface enhancement retains
the wood’s natural look!

30 years MiniSpot

In the year 1971, the first method to eliminate efficiently rosin galls was presented: the MiniSpot-patchsystem. For this purpose a Lamello-handmilling machine with a MiniSpot cutter - and MiniSpot-patches were needed. The manufacturing returns constant qualitative and precise parts .

With the new MiniSpot-patches a seamless repair of wood defects was possible. Due to the high quality of the material, competitive marketing and competent dealers in Europe and overseas, the MiniSpot-System found in a short time worldwide a great success.

The MiniSpot-system is still in development. So with the years not only rosin galls defects, but also knots, damaged edges, hidden screw elements and similar wood defects were repaired. In the meantime patches in more than 50 types of wood in different sizes, length from 69 to 570 mm (special length on demand) and width between 8 and 44 mm are available. All MiniSpot articles will be sent within 1 through 3 workdays from the manufactory.

With waxing importance of watersoluble colors and with the enlargement of the range with multible patches, the MiniSpot-system supersede more and more the application of round knots patches.

Parallel to the development of the patches, all the needed equipment is also permanent improved. Any Lamello groove milling machine still can be fit with MiniSpot milling cutters. Suplementary the special MiniSpot machine (Typ G 2 - G 20) of Lamello offer important advantages like anti-slide coating, sight glass for positioning, a.s.o.

The system is completed with a fully of application accessories like glue dispensing equipment, high performant plane machine and for absolutly special wishes: the Lamello Patchmaker for the fabrication of single patches from customer’s own wood. Special equipment was developed for industrial manufacture.

After 30 years, the MiniSpot-system is the leading solution of wood repair technic and can be applied by anyone, from the woodworker to the streamlined industrial manufacture.